Tuesday, December 8, 2009

oohhh nancy

perhaps it's a little late to be writing about this, but this past summer i had the opportunity to join my friends, nate wellman and fionn mccabe in a collaborative art project called "oh nancy." each artist created work authenticating the "oh nancy" story (which involves sky messengers, the champion of the sea, talking seals, and a football team who is run by the corn alliance, a group of religious extremists). i worked with alison layton to create championship football rings for the corn alliance football team. art pulse magazine recently published a review about "oh nancy", featuring an image of our football rings. click here to read it.
championship football rings:

here are a few other images from the show.
player cards by vanessa irzyk:

sculptures by nate wellman:

painting by daniel szymanowski:

the show was on view at gallery diet in miami this past summer, and will hopefully travel elsewhere.